Diabetes Distress Is About the Person Not Just the Numbers

McCall, B. | 17 November 2021 | Diabetes Distress Is About the Person Not Just the Numbers via MedScape

This article from Medscape summarises two presentations that were given at the recent Diabetes Professional Care (DPC) conference on 11 November 2021.

Dr Anne Kilvert, consultant physician, Northamptonshire Community Diabetes Team, presented a workshop at the 2021 Diabetes Professional Care (DPC) conference, on addressing mental health and well-being during the consultation with people with diabetes.

“It’s about not just focusing on the numbers around diabetes – they do have to be addressed, but it’s about talking to the person and finding out how their diabetes is affecting them and their life more broadly,” she said. “People with diabetes ask, ‘look at me as a person – not at the numbers’,” she told Medscape UK.

Professor Barnard-Kelly spoke at the session Suicide, Self-Injury and Diabetes – a multi-pronged approach by the FDA RESCUE Collaborative Community. Dr Barnard-Kelly said: “Rates of suicide are reportedly twice as prevalent amongst people with diabetes as the general population, however it is likely this figure is an under-estimation due to problems with identification and reporting. Many HCPs underestimated the prevalence of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts, however this likely reflects challenges with disclosure.”

More information about each of the sessions is available from MedScape

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