Health Survey for England 2019 Adults’ health

National Statistics & NHS Digital | 15 December 2020| Health Survey for England 2019 Adults’ health

This report looks at the general health of adults aged 16 and over, including trends in diabetes, raised cholesterol and hypertension, and compares the prevalence of these conditions by age, sex, region and income.

The report’s key findings are summarised below:

Key findings
• The proportion of adults with doctor-diagnosed diabetes increased between 1994 and
2019, with some year-on-year variation, from 3% to 9% among men and from 2% to 6%
among women.
• The combined prevalence of diagnosed and undiagnosed (total) diabetes increased from
7% in the highest income quintile to 16% in the lowest income quintile.

  • The prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes was 3% in all but the lowest income quintile, where it was 6%.

Further information about trends in diabetes is available in the Health Survey for England 2019 Adults’ health