Diabetes Awareness Week

Diabetes UK | June 2018 | One in three turn to internet over a GP for medical advice

New online research has been released to mark the start of Diabetes Week 2018 (11-17 June 2018) has revealed that one in three people would seek advice online before talking to a GP about a health concern. A poll of 2000 people commissioned by Diabetes UK demonstrates that one third of people favour searching the internet to talking to their GP about their diabetes. Although three- quarters (75 per cent)  said they would be comfortable discussing relatives and friends medical conditions, only 65 per cent or those surveyed with diabetes would be comfortable discussing their own health (via Diabetes UK).


In response to their findings, Diabetes UK have produced some top tips for people living with diabetes to talk to health professionals:

· Diabetes is complicated and different for everyone. There’s no such thing as a silly question. So don’t be afraid to ask about whatever’s on your mind.

· It’ll help if you go to your appointment with some questions in mind. You could write them down or send them to your healthcare team beforehand.

· This time is for you, so let your healthcare team know what you’d like to talk about from the start.

· Sometimes you’ll have more to talk about, and you might need more time. If you can, book a double appointment so you don’t have to rush.

· There might be things you feel uncomfortable talking about. But your healthcare team is there to help, so be honest and make the most of their medical expertise.

Diabetes UK: Volunteer Clinical Champion roles available for healthcare professionals

Could you be a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion? The charity is currently recruiting healthcare professionals from across the diabetes pathway including, consultants, GPs, nurses, dietitians, podiatrists senior pharmacists and psychologists, to apply to become Clinical Champions. Applicants should be experienced in treating the complex needs of people with diabetes, and have the potential to lead real change.

Successful applicants participate in a two-year leadership development programme, where they learn about influencing change, and benefit from peer support and peer learning. Concurrently, they deliver a project to improve or transform local diabetes care that they have identified as a pressing issue in their locale. (Diabetes UK)

There are 65 Clinical Champions across the UK. You can read more about some of the Clinical Champions’ achievements and their work  here.


The voluntary role runs for two years Clinical Champions will come into post in June 2018 and will complete the programme in May 2020.

The deadline for application is 28 March 2018. Full details are at Diabetes UK