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Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) identifies those at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and offers them a behavioural change programme. 

Current updates:

  • Data for 18/19 shows the Programme received over 212,000 referrals (now over 380,000 in total since launch) and delivered a total of 105,000 initial assessments, superseding it’s Five Year Forward View mandate target of 100,000 on programme per year.
  • Through the Long Term Plan, NHS England have committed to doubling the capacity of the programme to 200,000 people on programme by 2023/24.
  • Framework providers have been appointed to deliver the new framework which will include digital and remote intervention services. They are; Reed Momenta, ICS Health and Wellbeing, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Ingeus, and Living Well Taking Control. The providers for the online programme are OurPath, Oviva, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Changing Health and Liva Healthcare.
  • 45% of the country have been awarded contracts to commence onto this framework in August 2019, the remaining 55% will be on boarded in 2020.

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Improving outcomes for people with diabetes

The Diabetes Treatment and Care Programme aims to improve outcomes for people with diabetes.

Current updates:

  • Since the national funding arrangements and criteria for the prescription of flash glucose monitoring were published in March, local teams have been progressing with their implementation plans. Nationally we have developed a set of FAQs to help support this implementation phase, these will be available on the website soon.
  • Work is underway to develop the approach to piloting low calorie total diet replacement programmes within the NHS following the encouraging results seen in those who undertook the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) and Doctor Referral of Overweight People to Low Energy Treatment (DROPLET) trials. We are currently in the early development phase of this work programme, ensuring that we are aligned to other work programmes and that processes are in place to implement the next steps. We will be engaging with stakeholders as the work progresses in the coming months.
  • The final transformation fund allocations of 2018/19 were made to lead CCGs in mid-March 2019. Regional and clinical network teams are currently reviewing the progress made during 2018/19 and working with project leads to finalise their delivery plans for 2019/20 and develop longer term sustainability plans.
  • 2019/20 transformation funding has now been confirmed, supporting the current funded sites to continue to deliver improvements over the coming year. Q1 allocations will be made at the end of June 2019.
  • The Q4 transformation data collection through the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) closed on 15 May 2019. This data will be published in the next iteration of the diabetes transformation dashboard which is due for publication in July 2019.

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Patients on NHS type 2 diabetes prevention programme lose almost 60,000kg between them

NHS England | April 2019 | Patients on NHS type 2 diabetes prevention programme lose almost 60,000kg between them

New figures released by NHS England show that the 17 000 participants of the diabetes prevention programme (DPP), lost on average 3.4 kg. This is more than 1 kg than they were predicted to lose.

The programme  provides advice on dieting, exercise and healthy lifestyle, is being doubled in size over the next few years to treat around 200,000 people annually as part of the NHS Long Term Plan’s renewed focus on prevention.


The diabetes prevention programme is set to expand further in July this year as wearables and apps will enable patients who cannot attend DPP sessions due to work and family commitments, to participate online.

DPP is designed to stop or delay onset of Type 2 diabetes through a range of personalised lifestyle interventions, including:

  • education on lifestyle choices
  • advice on how to reduce weight through healthier eating
  • bespoke physical activity programmes (Source: NHS England)

Professor Jonathan Valabhji, NHS England national clinical director of diabetes and obesitysaid: “Around two thirds of adults and one third of children are now overweight or obese, driving higher and higher rates of Type 2 diabetes that we are now focusing huge efforts to address, as outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan.

“I’m delighted that our work so far in this area has been producing really positive results. This weight loss is promising – and we hope to help many more of those who are at risk of Type 2 diabetes to not get it in the first place.”

Full story from NHS England 

In the news:

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NHS Diabetes Programme Language Matters

NHS Diabetes Programme | February 2019| Language Matters

The NHS Diabetes Programme is calling on health care practitioners caring for people with diabetes – to help them evaluate the impact of the : Language and Diabetes guidance. Their aim is to find out whether the guidance has informed current practice or is likely to do so in the future (Source: NHS Diabetes Programme @NHSDiabetesProg)

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