Charity raises concern over spike in diabetes deaths in community #covid19rftlks

Nursing Times|  July 2020 | Charity raises concern over spike in diabetes deaths in community

The “devastating impact” Covid-19 is having on people with diabetes must be better recognised and mitigated by the government, as the pandemic moves into the next stage, a charity has warned.

Diabetes UK issued the call to action in response to what it called “harrowing” data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), showing a significant increase in diabetes-related deaths in the community during lockdown.

Full news piece available from Nursing Times

Improving diabetes care at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation

NHS England | February 2019 | Improving diabetes care at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation

Nurses at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (MCHFT) have developed and implemented a specialist inpatient diabetes service to address unwarranted variation in practice. 

Senior nurses reviewed current practice and engaged with the Diabetes Specialist Nurses to identify key areas to focus on in the improvement programme. These areas included:

  • Standardising diabetes management across wards;
  • Educating and supporting medical and nursing staff to make evidence based decisions when dealing with hyper/hypoglycaemic events;
  • Reducing length of stay (LOS) where appropriate for patients with diabetes by improving pathways;
  • Ensuring safe transition of care into the community.

To address these changes, the Diabetes Inpatient Team recruited Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurses to:

  • Develop and implement individualised management plans for all diabetic inpatients;
  • Liaise with the community health and social care teams to ensure continuity of care;
  • Develop and manage diabetes guidance and support service provision across the Trust;
  • Offer consistent specialist staff support via an advisory service with referral on to the Diabetes Consultant for assessment and advice in complex cases.

This new service has led to improved outcomes and experience for diabetes inpatients as well as improved use of resources at the Trust (Senior: NHS England).

Read the case study at NHS England 

Exclusive: Role of diabetes nurse ‘evolving’ to plug mental health gap

Nursing Times | October 2018 | Exclusive: Role of diabetes nurse ‘evolving’ to plug mental health gap

The latest article in the Nursing Times explains how diabetes nurses are supporting patients with diabetes with their mental health, who are unable to access treatment elsewhere. The article cites Diabetes UK data which found 3 in 5 patients with the condition experience mental health or emotional problems, including depression, anxiety and needle phobia. 

Lesley Mills, consultant nurse in diabetes at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, explains how the role is “evolving” to encompass patients to address gaps for these patients. As such diabetes specialist nurses were extending their remit to support patients with diabetes.

“There are not enough psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and all these people do need that help so it’s evolved to often the work of the nurse specialist to do at least some of that work,” Ms Mills told Nursing Times.

“There are things like NICE guidance that say they should have access to those people but if those people don’t exist or the waiting list is six months before they can be seen then we have got to do something,” she said. (Source: Nursing Times)

The full, unedited news piece is available from the Nursing Times 


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